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Loving Family. Living for God. Serving our Neighbors.

I am so glad that you are here! My name is Lucas Lawrence and I am the Youth and Family Minister at GCC. 

The Gwinnett Student Ministry consists of 7th to 12th graders from various schools in Gwinnett County. We seek to provide an environment where we can learn about the teachings of Jesus, grow a loving relationship with God, and live a Spirit-filled life.

We meet in The Shed on Sunday mornings and our Midweek Peaks are on Wednesday nights.

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Events for The Gwinnett student ministry


The Shed

Sunday Mornings

9:30 - 10:20

Midweek Peak

Wednesday Nights


Main Event
Live @ 5:00

March 18

Main Event Suwanee


No Live @ 5:00 this month.

Instead, consider Feeding the Homeless on March 26

Funday sunday

One Sunday a month we do something fun in our Sunday Service. 

The Big one

Whether it's mini golf, Stripers games, spiritual retreats or whatever we try to do a "Big One" once a month.

Live @ 5:00

Live @ 5:00 is a devotional time that is part of the ministry 2023 vision. Once a month we gather together to eat dinner and grow closer to our God.


Each year the Gwinnett Student Ministry picks a word to be our vision for the year. The word for 2023 is "Contemplation". Contemplation is our way of getting closer to God and developing a more spiritual life. 


The Vision influences every aspect of the ministry's mission, even to what we teach in our Sunday Service and Midweek Peak. Our year is divided into four quarters, each with a unique theme.

QT 1

Christ like 


QT 2

know and Use Your Gifts

QT 3

Spend Time

With GOD

QT 4

Share your story

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