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Member Directory

First-time access:

1. In your App Store, search for “Instant Church Directory”.


2. Download/Open the App.  The first time you open it you will need to log in to your Instant Church Directory Account.  You will use the same email and password to access the app as you do the Instant Church Directory website.

3. If you have not set up an Instant Church Directory account, then follow these instructions:  Click on the link above, then “First time signing in?”  - Click on “Create a login now”.  In the Welcome! Box, enter the following:

  • The email address that you provided to GCC 

  • A password that is personal to you (we do not share a global password for our directory). 

  • Click on Request Login.

  • You will get a message to “Check Your Email.  You will receive an email with a link to verify that the email address provided is correct. 

If the process above is not working, you may be using an email address that is not listed in the church directory.  Since the email in the directory must match the email you are using to sign up, check with the GCC Office to verify the email listed in the directory.

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