GCC History

• 1994
Gwinnett Church of Christ was begun by three families fulfilling the need to establish a congregation in Lawrenceville, GA. The elders of the Campus Church of Christ in Norcross, GA provided spiritual guidance, mentoring and financial support for this new congregation

• 1995
In addition to the support of the elders of Campus Church of Christ, several area congregations allowed presentations concerning this new opportunity. From these presentations, several families came to support this church planting. A meeting place was located at a local daycare facility. Within fourteen months, the congregation was self-supporting and had a full-time minister.

• 2000
Eleven acres of land were found in a prime growth area in the Discover Mills area, and this land was purchased. A temporary worship facility (a triple wide trailer) was leased and placed on the site.

• 2001
The land was paid off and a building fund was started to allow construction of a permanent facility.

• 2007
Our new building and first permanent facility is built. The first service is held here in December, 2007. At the same time, the name of the church is changed from East Gwinnett Church of Christ to Gwinnett Church of Christ. We intend to use our building as a tool to reach people with the gospel and make a difference in people’s lives. Our desire is for the building to also be a gift to the community for different groups and organizations to use.

Community Involvement
From the very beginning, we have supported Georgia AGAPE (a foster care and adoptive agency). One of our families resides in a home located on the Church property and is sponsored by the congregation to care for several foster children. This family and other families in the congregation have adopted children through Georgia AGAPE. A concept being considered for long-term implementation is to build additional homes on the eleven acre site for the care of foster children and/or as a senior care facility.
We have been involved with the Lawrenceville Food Cooperative Ministry and the Applewood Retirement Center (Applewood Towers) for several years.

We were involved in overseas missions with a mission family in Uganda for 10 years. We were also the primary sponsoring congregation for a mission family and mission work in Woy Woy, Australia for over five years.

Religious Heritage
We are a part of a restoration movement within the Church of Jesus Christ (Stone-Campbell Movement). Core tenets of this movement are:

  • * Unity of all God’s People
  • * Celebrating the ancient practices of the Christian faith
  • * Becoming people shaped by Scripture, our guide for living

We are a non-denominational, independent congregation with Christ as our head. We are led and served by shepherds, a senior minister and deacons. We do not claim to be the only Christians, but Christians only. We honor our religious heritage and practice these formational beliefs:
  • * In essential matters of faith, we seek unity
  • * In matters of opinion, we embrace freedom
  • * In all things, we practice love